In today’s world, Social Media is just as important for a business as a phone number or email address. People want to engage with their favorite brands in a natural, organic, and fun environment that helps them get the answers they’re looking for without the rigid structure of an email, or the potential time investment of a lengthy phone call.

Keeping up with your online audience can be a challenge: answering DMs and responding to comments requires dedication and a great time investment, but it’s an invaluable asset that gives your customers a brand new way of contacting you, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and a better user experience.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Our team can assist you with your community management on Instagram and Facebook. We’re available to answer DMs, respond to comments and to help your audience learn more about your brand.

As soon as you provide your account manager with a comprehensive knowledge base and any additional information our team needs to represent your brand, we will be ready to start! Of course, we cannot take over any questions regarding customer service or product complaints, however all such inquiries are immediately forwarded to your team, ensuring an amazing customer experience for your users.

From simple questions to promotion queries, our team will present your business in the best possible light, and give your online presence a professional and friendly feel.

For all queries regarding the service, you can always contact your account manager!

What we do:

  • respond to comments
  • respond to DMs
  • answer any questions that are related to your products as long as the answers are provided in the knowledge base
  • answer questions about ongoing promotions
  • if an issue is reported, we forward it directly to your team

What we CANNOT do: 

  • resolve any technical issues your customers might experience with your product
  • handle outbound advertising campaigns via DMs
  • delete comments / edit your posts after they are published

What's Next: 

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