Depending on what kind of growth you’re looking for, we are offering three different packages that will cover each of your unique needs.
The price ranges from $59 to $399+ per month and all of our clients are assigned a personal Account Manager that will serve as a point of contact for managing their social media strategy and subscription preferences.

  1. Our $59 Starter package offers from 600 - 800 followers each month, while continually engaging with each and every specifically targeted profile. 
  2. The $99 Pro package offers 1500+ followers each month, along with extra features such as Location Targeting, Story Viewing and Advanced Analytics. 
  3. Our premium Enterprise package can range from $399 and over. Depending on your needs and the features you want to use, the price for this package is customizable. This package is a full scale social media solution for larger companies and anyone looking to have an all-in-one solution for their social media campaigns. The package includes Post Scheduling, Hashtag research, Copywriting, Media Editing, a Strategy Consultant, Community Management and many more features. 
  • You can check out this article for more info on the Enterprise plan.
  • A full breakdown of our prices can be found on the Pricing Page.
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