The things you and your followers have in common will eventually bring you together. Although sometimes they need a nudge in the right direction. 😎👌

Interest Targeting allows you to boost your engagement with genuinely interested people by targeting relevant hashtags. If they, for example, liked 4 pictures with the #cookies hashtag on it, it’ll most likely mean that they will also be interested in your hypothetical bakery that makes amazing chocolate chip cookies with your grandma’s secret recipe.

So how does it work?

Let's continue with the example above. You run a local bakery and want to get more people engaged with your brand.

Interest targeting is the first thing you set up when subscribing for the service.

Just provide us hashtags that are relevant for your business. In this case they could be #cookies #bakery #grandmasrecipe, or anything else you might imagine!

If you ever want to change your targeting, just inform your Account Manager and they will adjust your targeting to better match your expectations!

We'll be engaging with users that are following those hashtags or tagging their posts with them to get you real, interested people that will be a huge boost to your follower base. Our goal is to bring together the costumer and the service provider through their mutual interest and to exponentially grow your engagement with current and future customers. 🙌

What's Next?

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